His aim is to grow more than ever with our bill discounting and working capital loans

His aim is to grow more than ever with our bill discounting and working capital loans

Mr Tirumurugan’s

While most people seek satisfaction and safety in a cushy job, some test unfamiliar waters and embrace risk to chart their destinies by themselves. And that is exactly what Mr Tirumurugan did, when he transitioned from his salaried position that involved overseeing Chennai Port operations, to set up his own transportation business in 2012. Soon after the inception of M/s Surface Logistics, Mr Tirumurugan realised that to ensure quick turnaround and better customer satisfaction, he would need his own vehicles rather than hired ones. And that is when he decided to purchase 3 Tata trucks backed by TMF’s financing solutions. There was no looking back since then. Today, Mr Tirumurugan’s fleet size is truly impressive, with 125 vehicles, and this was possible because of how he adopted the right mix of technology, digitisation, and timely financing.

While the success of any logistics business is dependent on multiple factors, it is ‘agility’ in case of M/s Surface Logistics that makes them stand out. In fact, agility is one of the main reasons they were able to sail through the pandemic, of course with their share of niggles. We are impressed by how quickly they managed to embrace the latest technology and digitised processes to improve business operations and enhance efficiencies. Mr Tirumurugan also believes that technology would be an integral part of the transportation and logistics sector in times to come. Clients shall adopt novel ways to track vehicles and there would be lesser need to interact with the transporter. It would become easier to ensure the timely loading and unloading of vehicles, track damages, trace goods, and maintain important documentation.

In fact, he hopes that the processes conducted by RTO, port or customs officials would go digital, which would save not only time, but also money and manpower Thanks to technological innovations and foresight, M/s Surface Logistics is poised to grow rapidly over the next couple of years. While its current turnover is close to Rs 70 crores annually, Mr Tirumurugan’s aim is to double the number in the next two to three years. With his son joining the business very soon, he hopes to expand the operation by leaps and bounds, leveraging his son’s technical background. And we are proud to say that Mr Tirumurugan credits TMF for his steady business growth and achievements over the years. The relationship that commenced in the year 2012 with 3 Tata trucks, has gradually blossomed into a bond that is getting stronger and fruitful with each passing day.

The past 9 years have seen Tata Motors Finance funding over 60 vehicles for Mr Tirumurugan, which shows how far we have come. While customer-centricity remains one of our core values, helping us curate products and services suiting our customers, Mr. Tirumurugan is most impressed with our quick loan disbursal that ensures funds reach his account in the shortest time possible once the vehicle pricing is finalized. In addition to fast loan processing, he has always appreciated our deft handling of loan formalities, documentation, responsiveness, and prompt service. Naturally, we are honoured, and hope to strengthen this fast auto and payday loans Bryan OH relationship by continuing to offer him the best possible products and services catering to the growing needs of his business. TMF’s dream is to see Mr Tirumurugan’s dream come true.

Mr Sanjay Nanda

Starting small does not mean you cannot live large one day. Strategy, foresight and timely financing can take you from insignificance to the spotlight. And Mr Sanjay Nanda’s story is the perfect proof of that. The year was 2000 when he started his small logistics business with only 5 used commercial vehicles and high hopes. In 2004, Mr Nanda got his transport license for Adhunic Metal & Bhushan Power Plant, which helped him spread his wings a little. With Tata Motors Finance by his side, he managed to purchase 2 new vehicles 4 years later. Lady luck (and grit, hard work and dedication) truly smiled at Mr Nanda in 2008, the same year he got himself new vehicles, since he secured large coal transportation orders from Hindalco Industries Ltd, Vedanta Ltd (Chhattisgarh and Orissa), Bhusan Steel and JSW. There was no looking back for him after that. In fact, he transports a staggering 7.5 million tonnes of coal, which has consolidated his position as a market leader. Today, M/s Matarani Transport, Mr Nanda’s dream venture, deals in the transportation of not just coal, but also iron ore, fly ash and construction materials. Our customer proudly runs a petrol pump and coal trading business as well and has diversified within a short span of time. His business acumen and leadership qualities are an inspiration for both small and large businesses. While the pandemic had caused Mr Nanda a humongous loss of Rs 100 crore, with lockdowns in place, drivers unavailable, and only 100 vehicles operating, he used his earnings from iron ore transportation and coal trading to pay off his EMIs on time. What a way to plan finances and survive hard times! With 490 commercial vehicles in his fleet (147 funded by Tata Motors Finance), Mr Nanda is surely going places. In fact, his Rs 462.2 crore top line in FY 2019-20 is strong evidence of that. Moreover, by embracing LED-GPRS system for vehicle monitoring and establishing 40 maintenance workshops near all the mines, our eminent customer has aced his logistics game superbly. He looks forward to a more digitized transportation system, smarter tracking mechanisms, better driving centres and expert drivers. In the next 2 to 3 years, M/s Matarani Transport is all set to start the Siarmal Coal Project in Sundergarh (the biggest coal mine area in Asia). The man who once started his journey with 5 used vehicles is now ready for sky-high opportunities in coal trading and transportation and expects his top line to reach the Rs 1000 crore mark very soon. Mr Nanda hopes to strengthen the bond with TMF, and so do we. And we will be there, cheering him on, come what may.

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