Leo is an advanced technical representative equipped with rich, advantageous tech devices

Leo is an advanced technical representative equipped with rich, advantageous tech devices

Leo (??) try a genius datingranking.net/tr/phrendly-inceleme researcher and you may another authoritative person in new chief party, lead from inside the Miniforce X season 2.

Background Biography

He was afterwards brought and employed while the an almost ally from the state Miniforce agencies which apparently let him or her in the conquering its foes. Because of Leo’s wealthy possessions, he had been capable get several individual gurus and you can a human assistant director, Mia.

Inside seasons two of Miniforce X, part of the Miniforce were told concerning genius scientist which and contains complex technology and you will use of the fresh 5th Penta X Robot. Knowing Leo might possibly be a large help if he had been in order to join him or her, the team establish towards the a venture to get Leo, which is also bumping to your your while in the an opponent attack. To their amaze, Leo overpowered the fresh adversary within a few minutes. The team implemented Leo and introduced themselves, requesting your to become listed on him or her inside battle.

not, Leo denied this new demand, claiming that heroes fight by yourself. Towards effect, Volt confronted your to help you compete with her or him: If for example the Miniforce won, Leo will join their cluster. Leo acknowledged the challenge, and also the contest is decided at the his residence.

Inside the contest, Leo’s technologic experience caused it to be impossible to your totally new Miniforce so you’re able to defeat your having some of the private powers, up until Volt performed trickery to your his absolute cat abdomen with an effective pet model and was able to defeat Leo. Aggravated and you may upset, the brand new pet scientist put the brand new Miniforce out-of their residence.

However, after, the fresh Miniforce was indeed at risk when you’re up against brand new came back enemy. With the convincing regarding Mia, Leo turned up and you will assisted this new Miniforce because of the credit them his help and you will the fresh new weapons (the brand new twice x blade firearms). After the race, the tension between Leo and group everyday, and you will Leo, in the long run, agreed to increase the Miniforce, encouraging they may be able constantly seek out your to possess let when they expected your.


Leo are a keen onyx-black cat with cobalt-blue eyes and muzzle. Their arms and legs slowly change so you can bluish at arms and you may ankles, which have cobalt underbelly fur. He wears a keen onyx-black colored cover-up which have cobalt color band to keep hidden their deal with, and a gold technical watch around his remaining wrist.

When switched, it’s extremely possible that Leo’s suit and you can weapon build is an altered variation determined away from Ray’s sketch. His armour was dark-gray, tinted having blue and you may adorned with short items of red-colored and you can brownish. His body structure is far more muscled compared to rest of the Miniforce team, also exactly like Ray. He however wears their watch to the their left arm, even if now built into their arm.


Leo is apparently a combination of Volt, Sammy, and Ray’s personalities. He’s certainly arrogant happy eg Volt often was, really serious such as for example Sammy, and aloof for example Beam. The guy in addition to is apparently sometime narcissistic, frequently featuring and you will praising himself before anyone else. He identifies themselves because the ‘hero’, and frequently make appearance having awkwardly ‘heroic’ presents.

Leo’s incrediblely high IQ and accelerates their already-too-highest self-esteem, while making your be first of all most other agents. Although not, even with his swaggy ideas, Leo comes with a kind and you may righteous cardio that shows in important moments, and you can cares seriously per class affiliate.

Since a researcher having assistant executives, Leo is even been shown to be top-notch and you may knows how to carry out companies. If in case worried about experiments, he can end up being strangely serious, and you may shows an effective advanced side.


Leo, although from the pure element doesn’t provides one superhuman stamina, take advantages of his notice-created bracelet to utilize others’s results, also plan information and rights even not in the Miniforce agencies, and also make your shockingly strong (possibly an equivalent to Ray’s race level).

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