Main point here I enjoy the theory , concept

Main point here I enjoy the theory , concept


The composition is quite linear with thick, almost syrupy chocolates from start to finish. This perfume tends to make myself really starving for dessert and nice points, so you’ve have your own fair warning, this is simply not a scent for the people staying with a strict eating plan. I like using chocolates Greedy the novelty aspect, but i’d probably refrain from wearing it to your company or while run tasks.

It smells therefore delicious, like tangerine dipped in chocolate. I really like the smell. But that tasty strong aroma at the orifice dies down quickly together with fragrance turns out to be too understated. Unfortunately, it does not keep going to my epidermis for a lengthy period.

This is the more practical chocolate aroma i have previously encountered! It really is nutty and answering and sealed in chocolates. It is positively tasty plus it makes me personally starving 🙂 I might purchase it once We complete the tester I got.

This can be my personal earliest montale fragrance! I simply obtained it in post a few weeks ago and it’s just been seated to my arm for an hour or so. First effect had been the container feels awesome light and vacant then again someone said that’s regular for montale so I’m uncertain easily’ll continue making use of the brand name because I can feel the 100ml best are stuffed half-way.

while RETURNING TO THE SCENT LOL . at first I thought the aroma alone had been mild but simply sitting and chilling out I hold smelling candy! So it’s maybe not powerful but jobs well.

Has the scent of that nesquik cereal along with the dry down they very nearly has the scent of burned chocolate brown however in an effective way.

If you should be mourning losing Aquolina’s Chocolovers and you are desperate for a good substitution, Montale’s candy Greedy is a good starting point

We smell substantially more vanilla extract now it really is so tasty omg. Reminds me personally of al rehabilitation choco musk but extra vanilla chocolate aroma instead of just vanilla extract like chocolates musk.

Im thus grateful I bought testers 1st and wouldn’t blind purchase any one of Mancera or Montale scents. Despite being actually hyped right up, Rose Vanille isn’t my cup of teas! flower Chocolate was much better, it had an orange-flavored chocolates type of ambiance on myself, however the orifice dried-fruit fragrance is rather clear, maybe not in an effective way.

But. THIS 1 could be the BOMB for me personally. If you ever got Hot chocolate with marshmallow, or a brand of cocoa malt beverage known as Ovaltine, this aroma is strictly such as that. The bitter-orange and dried fruit blended totally to the chocolate that I am not saying in a position to detect they independently, yet it provided they great range.

I accidentally purchased 2 vials of testers with this one, uses in the testers bbw chat sites before making a decision to bite the bullet.

just lately obtained this as well as I could state usually it is amazing. the orifice of cocoa and bitter orange is so best . the scent sticks closer to our skin I am also wrapped in the cocoa bubble for hours on end .. Cocoa still really dominating inside actually to your dry down , with some remnants of vanilla , tonka .. thou i don’t smelling any coffees when you look at the orifice

, uniqnes and ought to be the ideal candy perfume obtainable or perhaps the most useful gourmand aroma regarding the whole market .. Reminds me of a candy bakery

! they has the aroma of Nutella and biscuits and it’s merely so warm and creamy. Regrettably the abilities on me personally is extremely worst! does not last longer as well as the sillage is extremely poor ( In my opinion it is my human body chemistry because in line with the votes it is strong.. but oh well).

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