Person Just what, without asking, hither hurried Whence?

Person Just what, without asking, hither hurried Whence?

XXV The same for those who to have So you’re able to-day ready yourself, And those that immediately after particular To-morrow stare, A good Muezzin from the Tower of Dark cries «Fools! their Award is actually neither Here nor Here.»

XXVI Why, most of the Saints and Sages who discuss’d Of these two Planets so wisely–he or she is thrust Instance dumb Prophets forth; its Terms to help you Scorn Was scatter’d, and their Lips was stopt with Dust.

XXVII Me personally whenever more youthful performed excitedly regular Doctor and Saint, and you may read higher conflict About it and you will in the: but evermore Came out by same doorway where within the We went.

XXVIII With these people the seed regarding Information did I sow, Sufficient reason for mine very own hands shaped making it expand; And that are all of the Harvest that i reap’d– «We emerged such as Liquids, and you may including Breeze I-go.»

XXIX To your which Market, and why being unsure of Nor Whence, for example H2o willy-nilly moving; And from the jawhorse, as Cinch over the Spend, I understand not Whither, willy-nilly blowing.

And, as opposed to asking, Whither rushed and this! Oh, of several a cup of which forbidden Wine Must block the memory of this insolence!

XXXI Up off Earth’s Hub from the Seventh Gate rose, and on the newest Throne away from Saturn sate; And some a Knot unravel’d by the Path; But not the dog owner-knot off Peoples Fate.

XXXII There is the entranceway that I came across no Secret; Discover new Veil whereby I might maybe not look for: Certain nothing talk a long time regarding Myself and you will Thee There is–right after which not from Thee and Me.

XXXIII Planet cannot respond to; nor brand new Seas that mourn When you look at the flowing Red-colored, of its Lord forlorn; Nor rolling Eden, along with his Cues reveal’d And hidden from the arm regarding Night and you will Morn.

XXXIV Up coming of one’s Thee inside the Me personally really works at the rear of This new Veil, I lifted upwards my personal hands to track down A lamp in the course of the newest Darkness; and i also read, As the out-of As opposed to–«This new Me personally Within Thee Blind!»

XXXV Up coming into lip from the worst earthen Urn We lean’d, the secret off living knowing: And you can Lip so you’re able to Lip they murmur’d–«While you alive Drink!–to possess, shortly after dry, you do not will come back.»

XXXVI I think the fresh new Watercraft, by using fugitive Articulation answer’d, once did alive, And you may take in; and you can Ah! the brand new passive Lip We kiss’d, Just how many Kisses might it simply take–and give!

XXXVIII And also perhaps not such as for example a narrative off regarding Old Off Man’s consecutive years roll’d Of these a good clod of soaked Earth Cast-by the producer on the Peoples mould?

XL Due to the fact then your Tulip on her behalf morning sup Out of Heav’nly Classic about ground seems upwards, Is it possible you devoutly carry out the particularly, right until Heav’n So you can Environment invert your–instance an empty Glass

XXXIX And never a decrease those of the Servings i throw Having World for out-of, but can inexpensive lower than To help you quench new flames out-of Pain from inside the particular Attention Truth be told there hidden–much underneath, and you will long ago.

XLI Perplext not any longer which have Person otherwise Divine, To-morrow’s tangle towards wind gusts resign, And you can remove your own fingers throughout the locks of one’s Cypress–thin Minister from Drink.

XXXVII To possess I remember stopping by how to view a good Potter thumping their damp Clay: In accordance with the all the-obliterated Language They murmur’d–«Carefully, Sis, carefully, pray!

XLII While the wine your drink, the fresh new Lip your force Cause what The starts and you will concludes in–Yes; Thought then you are So you can-date just what Past You were–To-morrow You shall not smaller.

XLIII When you to definitely Angel of the darker Drink At last will see your by lake-brink, And, offering his Mug, ask their Soul Ahead towards Mouth area so you can quaff–you’ll not shrink.

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